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Editor's Note: Selecting a bankruptcy web site can be confusing so we did the research to narrow the field down to only the best. Read the reviews and compare to see which bankruptcy site suits your needs. We review only the best so you cannot go wrong!
Managed Bankruptcy
American Bankruptcy Company
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Pro Bankruptcy Software

American Bankruptcy Company Review

American Bankruptcy Company has been one of our top picks for a long time because they check off all of the critical boxes that we want to see checked off for online bankruptcy preparers.

In order to be included in this review, a web site or service has to rank well in these important areas:

  • Reputation
  • Quality
  • Customer Service

Here is how American Bankruptcy Company does in each of these categories:


American Bankruptcy Company is the top volume chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcy preparation site in the United States and for a good reason. They get a lot of referrals from past customers and those referrals refer more friends and family and so on. By all indication, this appears to be their main mode of marketing.

Visit the Forum and see what others are saying about the company

It also helps that they have been preparing consumer chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies as long as, if not longer than, most other companies. Depending on your point of view this may or may not be a good thing. On the negative side, they have become complacent in that they do not update their web site in any significant way.

Their public web site is long and not everyone has the time to wade through all of the material and this can be a turn off for customers who want to just read a paragraph or two and then click the Buy button.

But for another site visitor, the lack of new web site content may be viewed as a sign that they have achieved a sweet spot and do not need to tweak their message to suit the mood of the day.

What we like about them in the reputation area is that their customers like them and that they are there for the long haul.


The quality of a product, particularly in the area of a document preparation service, is one of those intangible quantities. How do you as an external observer or reviewer get insight into the quality of a private and confidential product as bankruptcy documents? You cannot get a first-person insight, but must rely on secondhand feedback. From the feedback we get from their past customers, we can only conclude that American Bankruptcy Company customers are quite satisfied by the quality of what they get back.

It helps that they offer the best money-back guarantee in the industry and that is itself a reflection of their confidence in the quality of their work. Other than American Bankruptcy Company, there is hardly any other chapter 7 bankruptcy web site that offers a similar guarantee.

We have heard criticism from bankruptcy lawyers who mock them for guaranteeing the discharge of debts, saying that they are offering too much and so there must be something that does not add up. When you think about it, there is nothing that stops lawyers from matching the American Bankruptcy Company offer of a guaranteed discharge. Personal injury lawyers offer to not charge any money if they cannot collect a settlement for their injured clients so there is no reason why they cannot guarantee a discharge to their bankruptcy clients. That is just the opinion of this reviewer.

Customer Support

By all indications, American Bankruptcy Company provides excellent email support, at least that is what their customers say. This is what we like the most about them. We consider the quality of customer support the most important factor in choosing a bankruptcy preparation company.
In a perfect world every web site such as Google, Facebook, etc., will offer phone support but that is not the case. The availability of phone support goes by the industry and also by the price you pay, so it is understandably why American Bankruptcy Company, like all other bankruptcy web sites, offers email support instead of phone support as lawyers do.

Lawyers offer phone contact because they charge thousands of dollars and they only need to make one or two sales a month to cover their expenses. But when you charge about one tenth the cost of lawyers as bankruptcy sites do, phone support means a lot more paid staff to man the phones and that translates to higher prices.

We get a fair number of people who complain that bankruptcy sites do not offer phone support, and American Bankruptcy Company is no exception. But it comes down to buyers having unrealistic expectations. Once you get past the fact that all bankruptcy web sites provide only email support, then you can decide which one offers the best email support.
We believe that American Bankruptcy Company and Mueller Bankruptcy offer the best customers support, but do not take our word for it. Before becoming a customer, you can contact them and see how quickly and professionally they respond.

American Bankruptcy Company is our top full-service pick, sharing the honor with Mueller Bankruptcy Group. They have a reputation of providing the best bankruptcy documents as well as excellent customer service.

Like Mueller, in addition to bankruptcy preparation, they offer a bankruptcy insider knowledgebase chucked full of tips and techniques to recover from the credit consequences of filing bankruptcy. 

We like this company because they guarantee the discharge of debts, not just the filing of the bankruptcy. We also like the fact that they offer more than one choice of product. They even offer a software product as well.

They have well-earned the top honors.

Visit the Forum and see what others are saying about the company